Thursday, 19 September 2013

"Two large masses could be tumors"... or breasts?!

What a hell of a couple of months. I am fully aware that my poor blog has been neglected but I have plenty of excuses for that, both good and bad.

I shall list my excuses bellow :

  • I finally got married (well civilly partnered to be precise, but we wont argue over terms). It was such an amazing day with our nearest and dearest there. We were gutted that some people couldn't make it but we know they were there with us in mind. The weather was beautiful, glorious sunshine and the temperature maxed at 27 0C which was a bonus. We were also blessed with such generous gifts which means we can finally go snow boarding (one I can find some insurance).

  • My seizures are being a pain in the arse. I was doing so well with them for a while, and things were finally starting to actually get better. That was until the season of colds, chest infections and flu came into action. My body cannot deal with in the slightest amount of infection without going into a full body popping session. These has resulted in further increase in unwanted medication and further drain on my mental ability to deal with it. Many times over the last few weeks I have wished that I feel asleep and didn't wake up so I didn't have to deal with it. However after seeking support I am slowly starting to get a grasp on this whole dealing with it thing. better late then never right?

  • Work! I am finally back at work (almost) and that has taken a lot out of me. I moan and groan but actually I am so glad to be back, to have purpose back in my life. Granted I am stuck to office and admin rolls but I know I am safe there. I have a good team who look out for me, and have been so supportive that I have been so lucky. They are an amazing, all but fecking crazy, bunch, and you know what, I am realising that I really want to stick with them, illness and craziness and all.

Well that pretty much sums up why I have let things slip. On a slightly random note, if anyone has any suggestions on:
  • How to get your head around the new iOS7 and how to change your voicemail message
  • Where to find support on epilepsy services of support in your local area (have already tried the well known charities.
  • How you deal with your seizures (personal stories etc).
Many thanks and peace out