Thursday, 24 November 2011

Hello Blog World

Well hello there!

Long time no speak! I am terrible at this whole blog thing. Each year (round about this time) I sit and think "Oh bugger, I have done it again, I have spent the year neglecting my blog". This is then closely followed by a random babbling blog entry that has little interest to many, and makes little sense to most. Such is life.

As I sit here watching Pirates of the Caribbean (I could not tell you which one though.) in a bid to get me ready for night shifts, I ponder over my achievements, if any, that I have accomplished in the past year. I have lost a considerable amount of weight, thanks to my lovely dedicated house mate who has stuck to slimming world like a fly sticks to a lump of turd. I would say I have quit smoking but we all know that wouldn't happen. I haven't won the lottery either, something which I constantly convince myself that I will win on a weekly basis.

I have made it to the final year of Uni though. One small blessing. It has taken me long enough to get here, what with all the stuff that goes on. I can proudly say that the better half has also now completed Uni and got a very very respectful 2:1 in Politics. Am proud as punch if I may say so myself :)

Unlike my other past posts at this time of year, there is no snow outside, however we do have the Christmas Decorations up and I have already received my first Christmas Card. Sent from an 'Uncle' that I have very little to do with these days but a letter once or twice a year filled with pointless updates of grades and plans for the future, with a bit of reminiscence added in for good measure. That by the by, I am sat here waiting for it to snow, as are the rest of us here in cold England.

Watch this Space.... (for the dreaded white stuff!)

Peace Out