Sunday, 21 July 2013

One onomatopoeia ....


I think that about sums it up really - and it is only 10:10 am. Not bad really to say I had a bad night. A night of various dreams that were in no way nice or welcomed. Dreams about fights, fall outs, arguments, break up's, head aches, death, seizures, body issues and much more. Now you don't really need to be able to analyze dreams to work this one out, and for those who are, please refrain from doing so (or at least if you do don't tell me about it). Quite a change from before I went to bed.

The head aches are back as well, which is never a good sign for me. Usually means seizures are just around a sharp corner - the type of corner you can misjudge if you are not paying much attention to that around you. One of these days I may learn... we shall see.

I think it is time to go for a walk and get some fresh air, maybe that may sort things out.

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