Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Time for change!

It is such an over used phrase... "It is time for change!" However, after a prolonged period of self loathing I have decided to take action and get things back on track.

Today I have made several enquires into clubs and activities that I used to love doing. I have signed up to the Quit Smoking campaign run by the NHS. Spent some of the day doing weights (if a chipped index finger joint may I add!)

What else have I achieved today? Hmm. Not really sure. I think that is about it. To be fair, it is more then I achieve most days, and it is the first step to getting myself sorted right?

Now just to wait for Friday. I find out whether I am to return to work, or rather when I can return to work. I also find out whether I am owed back pay for the massive cock up made by pay roll. Maybe I may win the lottery as well whilst I am at it. Then Saturday I am spending the day at an archery shop for the better half's birthday. Sounds boring but am rather looking forward to it. Spending a day shooting sharp objects as a target that I can pretend to be anyone... sounds like a hoot if you ask me! Which reminds me, Birthday Cards!!! Must not forget to do that this week. Mental note made!

Anywho, I am off for an early night with a cup of hot chocolate and a little sneak peak into Stephen Fry's life (reading his Autobiography at the moment. Enlightening to say the least!)

Peace out.

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