Saturday, 29 June 2013

The Calm after the Storm

Today is a new day. Having got over the emotional turmoil that has been the last week I woke this morning with a new perspective on things. After some accounting with the better half and working out outgoings, I am surprisingly looking forward to living the simple life for a while. Things like living by candle light in the evenings; eating like a student (to be fair this will do me good, due to the medications I have been put on I have put on a lot of weight, so this will work wonders for the waist line!); Showering and bathing by candle light; reading a listening to music rather then using stupid amounts of power to watch TV/playing PC games. I think I can do that for a few weeks. Even may start taking walks and spending time in the garden (providing I can actually get past the door due to the swarm of bees still insistent on dive bombing us when ever we attempt to get to the garden). There are many things I can do to occupy ones self with out the need of money. I will also be trying very hard to quit smoking as the cost of that alone is a small fortune!

At least this is what I am telling myself. The positivity may just be coming from the fact that the sun is shining very brightly and the washing is on the line. Van Morrison on in the back ground may also be helping. Thank god for credit cards as well. Thanks to having paid off most my cards, I had a few pennies left over which meant I could get the last little bits sorted for the wedding. Further to being thankful for credit cards, I am also thankful for the likes of eBay and Amazon. Wedding rings and helium bought for less then £30. Bonus I reckon. Also, thankful for friends who are crafty - I mean that in the sense of being good at making things and having things to hand that I no longer have. Not in the pinching things sense. I also have managed to secure a cake stand for the big day and have also finally come to an agreement with the better half on how the cake is going to be presented and what cake we are having.... Finally!

All that is left to do now is actually turn up on the day. Oh and tell the parents what is actually happening on the day. This is where things go wrong, but I shall deal with that when I come to it.Oh, and to work out a way to make balloon weights for free as refuse on principal to buy them. On further positive notes and returning to the dull repeats of medication and epilepsy, I have been a period without seizures, which means that I may be able to return to work far sooner then initially anticipated. This has various bonuses to it, the main one being paid. The second to cure boredom.

Anyway, I am going to attempt to get into the garden to try and come up with a way to make balloon weights with what we have. Any ideas are welcomed.

Peace out

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