Wednesday, 26 June 2013

" In the summer time, when the weather is high"

You can stretch right up and touch the sky!

The sun is out (intermittently) but it is warm. The weather really does affect your mood. Fair one, I did want to destroy the world this morning, but that passed when I saw the sun and took a walk to the shop.

Positive mental attitude and all that.

I often find that my thoughts wonder (as they are at present) and I had been watching something about illusions and had had a discussion the night before with the better half about the prospect of having parallel/alternative universes that have the same people but different lives so to speak. This then lead me to ponder whether life, as we know it, is an illusion. I have this thought of us (humanity, live etc) as being a game of sims. Kinda like a Sim-ception (We play Sims and control an other world, they can do the same and so on and so forth). What is to say (other then science, this is just the random ramblings inside my ever increasing worryingly distorted mind) that this is not a viable possibility; What is to say that I am indeed being instructed by some teenage girl sat at her PC controlling me to use my laptop, watch TV, go to the shops, go take a shower etc. And then what is to say that there is not someone doing the same to her? This could go on. My point is two fold really...Firstly, if you haven't already realised by now, I am verging on pure insanity, or genius, either could work. Secondly... What if the concept of parallel universes and/or being controlled like a game of sims where to be accurate (this is all hypothetical of course). However I think the second point is closely related to the first point, in which case my sole point was that I am random and my mind often goes in multiple directions all at once and convening in some random, hypothetical place where dreams and parallel universes are completely rational thoughts as to why there is a constant swam of bee's out side our bak door.

That is another point... We can no longer go out the back door as we get dive bombed by bee's. And I am not on about the little cute honey bee's. No these are the massive bee's with army boots on, sound like army helicopters and have AK-47s attached to there tails. Another digression, but there are many theories that if the bee's died out, humanity would follow suite... which leads me back to my first ramblings of being controlled. What if the Bee's act as like the CPU of our universe that is being directed by another being in an outer universe... No real point to be made, just one of insanity.

If you have read all this and are not rocking in a corner, I salute you. I also kindly request that you do not call your local mental health team and request a Mental Health Act assessment on me as I am actually quite a rational and logical, science loving person. I just get a little crazy at times in my though patterns and curiosity. Besides... being normal is boring. FACT!

Any way.

Peace out.

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