Thursday, 27 June 2013

Cannot catch a break today!

Seriously, I really cannot catch a break today.

I will start from the beginning. I woke up this morning and checked my bank balance to see if I had been paid. Instead I found out that I had indeed not been paid, instead had had a load of money taken out of my account (bills, rent etc) leaving me overdrawn in an account that I do not have an over draft for.

Then started all the phones calls....Pay roll, HR, Union, Manager, Union, HR, Union, Manager... It went on for ages. The only helpful party being the sympathetic women on the end of the phone at the Union. Between the sobs of despair and lighting many cigarettes I finally calmed down enough to venture out to the bank, in a vain attempt at trying to reverse the ridiculous charges they were adding to my account, and to also put in the ridiculous amount of 1 and 2p's I had accumulated... This did not go well. All I can say is that the obnoxious, jumped up, suit wearing, smug, big eye browed, huge nosed, pretentious toss pot who was sat behind the thick glass was lucky that the thick glass was there. I could go on with this story but my blood is boiling as I think about it. Long story short, my attempts with Natwest of success were limited. Again, luckily for the smug twit there was a huge pane of glass in the way. I then, on my walk home from Natwest, planned in my head quite vividly how I was going to take down Natwest one by one. Then realised that the debt problem wouldn't going away, it would be deferred to the RBS. So I started to think, and plan, how to take them down at the same time. It was at this point my better half pointed out (i'm guessing in a sarcastic manner as i'm not sure as to what extent she humors me when I go on these rants) that if I were to take down the RBS, Scotland would be screwed in its attempts for independence as it would not be financially viable as their main bank would be no more... You win some you lose some.

The day continued with various phone calls from various people, all repeating the same, well versed lines of "We are sorry that this has happened, we will investigate, but in the mean time you will be left without any money as we are all jumped up office workers who get over paid for doing sweet F-A as a computer does all the work for us". Makes me so mad!

I would continue to rant and vent, but the more I do the more it makes my blood boil and I am getting a head ache from crying with anger. Cannot wait for the better half to get home so I can just have a hug. I know to many this whole entry doesn't seem a big thing; but after months of being ill and battling with various people, it has been the straw the broke the camels back as they say. Just not sure how much more smiling I can do before I put a chelsea smile on someone else's face (my money is on the smug twit at Natwest!)

Anger out!

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