Wednesday, 5 June 2013

It's one of 'those' weeks...

It has been very much one of those weeks. Potentially facing a lot of things, and all thanks to one thing....Epilepsy. The sole root of all evil at present!

A few nights ago I had a series of particular bad tonic and tonic-clonic seizures. They lasted for quite a long time, as as a result my partner stayed up all night to support me and basically kept me alive. The next morning when she tried waking me I woke and started absence-ing soon after. The hardest thing I have ever seen is seeing someone you love sobbing because they are being summoned into work when all they want to do is stay home and look after you. The hardest bit was trying to convince my partner that I was not going to die (any time soon) and that I would still be here when she gets home from work. This made me love this human so much more then I already to. I did not think that was possible. The words "I don't want to lose you" bought a huge lump to my throat. I really have found the one person out there who was meant for me. And I couldn't ask for any one better.

After a day of sobbing (both parties guilty on this one), and a day of being baby sat by my very soon to be future sister-in-law, and lots of hugs and tears when my partner got home, things started to feel better. We both slept amazingly that night as well...crying really takes it out of you!

This little rambling is just the start, and I won't bore you with the rest as I don't think I want to recall of it. But the week continues to get ever increasingly crap, and on Friday I find out my fate - employment wise - as to whether I will ever get to work again or have to re-think my career. However to my advantage I get to see Occ.Health before hand so at least I will be going into a meeting well prepared. I can't see it going well though. Seeing how at the moment I am not allowed to cook, go out, bathe/shower etc unless someone is with me.

I can't believe it is only Wednesday.....

Roll on Friday (well okay...Saturday!)

Peace out

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