Monday, 17 June 2013

If life was like a fairy tale....

...It would be full of soppy story lines, a ridiculously thin yet still beautiful princess and some form of darkness. So scrap that.

The last few days have been very mixed. A mix of vivid thoughts, a whirlwind of emotions and a bombardment of random questions from the Mrs. which all started with the typical two year old curiosity "Why???" This is then followed by some of the most random questions I have heard for a long time. For example "Why do birds tweet, and cat's meow. Why don't they all make the same noise?". This is from an almost 26 year old... The mind boggles sometimes. This, by the way, went on for hours!

I have had a lot of time to mull things over, seeing as I spend most the time sat starring into space. Most of the time my thoughts are spent pondering where I will be in five years time. Other times it is freaking out about one of the hundreds of things going on for me at the moment. Which ever one it is, it always leads me into a very random and curious little world. A world where colours are vibrant, 'bad' is dull and 'good' is magical. A world where the bad people are in a dungeon and Doctor Who exists. The Doctor Who thoughts then digress into the TARDIS turning up on my door step, Doctor Who popping out and offering me the vacant post of his companion. As I said... my head is filled with random. I'm not sure whether it is a result of the anti-convulsant medications, a weird sleep patterns, the seizures messing with my logic processors or the fact that I sit and watch far too much television program re-runs. What ever the answer, it beats reality at the moment, so I think I will stay there a little while longer, if no one has any objections to that.

On a less random, and reality note, the Mrs went for a job interview on Friday, and came out convinced that it was the worse thing she had ever done and that she was a 100% that she would have never had got it. I then formed a plan with her sister to take her shopping for wedding bits (I figured she was out and having a bad day so it wasn't going to get any better so why not just throw her in the deep end?!). Anyway, I digress again. When she got home she had to pop out again, and when she did she was not in the best moods (the bad interview, shopping...keep up). Whilst out she got this magical little phone call saying that she had got the job. This is immense on so many levels. It now means no 4 hours commuting to and from London. No more spending £200 on travel each month. No more getting back at 10pm having left at 6am. No more having to worry about if I have a fit she can't get home as she will only be a 10 minute walk away. Things are looking up on that front. 

Things may also be looking up for me on the job front. But shhhh, it will have to wait until I know a little more before I tell the world. Don't want to get my hopes up. However, I do need to get my seizures back under control before the doctors and other powers that be will even think about letting me return to work, which sucks as I am so BORED!!! Hence the going into my own little world (see it is all linked, even if it is all linked ramblings).

Anyway, I probably should stop now as I realise the extent at to which I have been rambling.

One final note: "Only a Ginger can call another Ginger, Ginger!" - Tim Minchin

Peace out.

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