Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Some times you just have to hold your hands up...

... and resist the urge to strangle something/some one.

Things I have learnt today:

1) Twitter is annoying, confusing and hard to follow as nothing forms a proper sentence. for example, #having#this#infront#of#everything. #Annoying. #Fedup #Musttelltheworld! Getting the point?

2) In addition to the above, people who use 'hash tags' designed for the use on twitter, on Facebook, are equally annoying.

3) People instantly presume that there will be a free bar at our wedding... Our reception is in a pub... No pub would have a free bar. If one more person asks me this questions I may just cover them in chum and throw them to a group of sharks.

4) Tony Hawks Project 8 game for PS3 is frustratingly hard once you have done all the easy challenges. (Yes this is logical but there appears a huge step from the easy challenges to the moderately difficult).

5) I drink far too much tea and spend too much time smoking. I blame this on boredom.

6) My new anti-epileptic medication have caused me to put on so much weight that was really unneeded at the moment.

7) Having absence seizures whilst playing a PS3 game is the most confusing and frustrating thing, especially when you were about to hit a top score.

8) Attempting to contact the people in charge of DLA is near impossible and equally as infuriating as the previous posts.

9) My future mother-in-law and her sister are mean when they pair up.

10) Further to the above, having a taste of your own medicine (sarcasm and pranks) it bitter.

11) I like lists. Fact.

12) I spend too much time watching american TV series.

13) Putting yourself in a situation where you could potentially lose one job and not gain another may not have been the best move. Future thought is needed when making career choices.

14) My partner is truly amazing.

15) I have learnt a lot today.

16) Blogging makes me feel better, even if no one is listening/reading. A problem aired is a problem shared (or something like that).

17) Pictures of cute kittens and being addicted to sites such as Reddit, Imgur, 9GAG etc makes things a little easier to get through the day.

18) Being Lactose Intolerant sucks when all you are craving is a big ol' wedge of extra mature cheddar followed by an equally large portion of Bourson on crackers.

19) Queen Bee's are huge and scary and make me scream like a little girl when they chase me back into the flat.

20) I like lists.

21) I need hugs. I miss all my friends. 

22) I have a lot of crazy, not just a little bit of crazy, that I need to deal with in order to try claim back some small hope of what ever sanity I had before I got signed off work.

23) I have to carry on for another two points as I can only have things in multiples of three's or fives (yes I am crazy!)

24) Our cat is bordering on having a Personality Disorder - she always seeks attention and does it in forms of great manipulation.

25) I love multiples of five.

Ah, that feels better. You know, in the future I might actually blog about something interesting. For now it seems that I will be using this space to off load some of the crazy in my head. Thank you for reading and enduring the ramblings that come from superficially within... if I were to delve deep then I would most certainly end up detained on a section of the Mental Health Act.

Peace out.

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