Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Out of the bed and into every day clothes....

So I am starting to get over the self pitying stage and starting to come to terms with the fact that my seizures are probably going to stick around for a while, but have also restored some small faith in medication.

the last week has been filled with fears around mine and my partners job security but things are looking up. Most of the invitations for the wedding have been done. Just need to be sent, so am now making a spotify playlist for the reception so we have something to kill the awkward silence that there may be between people arriving and the band playing. Singing at the top of your voice to party classics is the best cure for feeling down in the dumps. Can't believe I didn't do this sooner to be honest. The one downside to spotify is the adverts. Just as you get into the swing of songs BOOM, an unwanted advert pops up at full volume. Ah well. There are worse things in life I guess.

I just need to collect rocks as well. Well, oversized pebbles to be precise. For balloon weights, as I refuse to by them on principle. A rock creatively wrapped in tissue paper works just as well I think. Saving pennies here and there makes a huge difference!

Anywho, back to singing my heart out to Mika and Queen I go!

Peace out!

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