Monday, 14 October 2013


Achievements today:

                                     Getting up and getting ready for work.

Seeing the Mrs insanely ill and remembering a shit load of appointments I have today.

My boss letting me have two days annual leave to a) look after the Mrs; b) get all appointments sorted.

Actually opened my text book for my OU course, which is an improvement as I haven't been in the right place.

Having a Dr Who day whilst trying to do all of the above is nice.

Preparing to see appointments with a list of questions I have which is a first, but I want answers dammit!

Planing on making dinner, which means actually eating; which means my appetite is coming back; which means things are (or appear to be) improving.

Realising things are not always as bad as they seem when you have amazing people around you who support you no matter what

It may not seem like a lot to most people for me, but given how things have been the last few weeks I feel this is a step forward. I know there will be something that knocks me back again, but I have to remember those moments when things do go forward; and hold on them.

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