Sunday, 6 October 2013

Life is like a web - Takes hard work to build but takes one swat to destroy it.

Depressing title I know. This is where things are at for me at the moment.

My epilepsy is getting the better of me again, and it is really taking its toll on me mentally. I am just so lucky to have amazing friends and wife to get me through this really crap time. I know there are people out there all over the world that are in a far worse position than I; however I find it hard to see past the mental block and blip that I am going through at the moment. I appreciate how selfish this is, and it just adds guilt to the whirlwind of my head. Arrrrgh!

I have tried many things. Most of the things recently have included practicing what I preach, and that shows how desperate I am as my ode is "Do as I say, not as I do!". I tried repetative things, which strangely works. I also have tried things to regain my sense of coordination; not going to lie it has gone to pot recently. I tried Poi for this (if you have not tried it, do! It is amazing fun). This was going well until I smacked myself with them a few times. Warning - it does hurt, but you do get used to it eventually! This was advice I took from a great friend and I am glad that she re-introduced them to me.

Any way, I am rambling, and could keep going but I am tired and need to off load stuff onto a pillow. Literally.


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