Friday, 11 October 2013

Not every one chooses to wear their masks - some of us have no choice

This is very true. Some people can put on a metaphorical mask to cover the barrage of shit that is affecting their lives on a daily basis. They then take this mask off when they are in a solitary place a weep so the world can't see. These people are the strongest of people. The ones who will take your crap, be your shoulder to cry on and the one you always turn to. But who do they turn to when that mask comes off? Can they turn to anyone as they are perceived as 'the strong ones'.

It may come as a shock to some that this actually happens. And the sooner people realise this the better. Calling someone grumpy when you know they are having a bad time is just poking a huge bear with a stick - you are going to get your face ripped off and told to go fuck your self with a cactus!

Those who are able to toss their masks in their bags and live freely without the constant feeling of gloom, the constant shadow that follows you around, the type that the mask protects you from. I salute you, and envy you as well. But to those who don't need a mask, please look out for those who do, they are the ones you will turn to in a time of crisis, and gives you all the advice you need and then you drop them, yet when they turn to you for support you have not the slightest clue; ask them if they are okay every now and then; and if they are having a bad day, do not call them grumpy, miserable, or any other related term.

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