Monday, 7 October 2013

Today is a Latter day...

Okay, so I went with the Mrs the other week to see the West End show, The Book of Mormon. I have had songs from it stuck in my head all day. I would suggest looking some of them up on Youtube but you need to watch the show to gain some context on the songs, otherwise they could be misunderstood, drastically misunderstood!

Anyway. Today has been a strange one. My mind cannot make up whether my mood is up or down, left of right etc ( you get the picture). My GP is awesome. She rings most days to make sure I am okay. Never before have I had such amazing medical input. She is just a genuinely nice person; her sole interest is in her patients, not the money. My consultant is the same as well. I received a lovely review letter from him, he came across as so lovely, gentle and polite. Also very informal. I just have awesome medics at the moment, truly blessed in that way; after so many years of crappy doctors who are clearly in it for the money, and working with many of the same disposition, it makes a change to see genuine caring doctors out there. I especially appreciate them more than ever as I went into status epilepticus last sunday - scary times. First time in 4 years that has happened, and I hope it is the last.

Slight side step there. I just realized how much I appreciate my medical team at the moment. And my wife. She has been my rock these last few crappy weeks (well last 5 years but that goes without saying!) If it weren't for her then I would probably be dead, if not through seizures then of my own doing due to my fits. Vicious cycle. Although through process of elimination my GP, my wife and I have come to the conclusion that it is my medication that is causing me to spiral in and out of depressive episodes. The sooner that I can come off of them the better. This is a constant back and fourth 'discussion' often had between me and the medics.

Back to the medics again. Sorry. My mind has been wondering a lot recently. I am finding it hard to concentrate of more then one thing at a time. Typing is like trying to type with 3D glasses or beer goggles on. Thinking is like a small child trying to put a triangle block in a circle shaped hole... amusing yet hard. Seeing is also equally difficult. Thanks to the seizures my eye sight has significantly decreased. I had my eyes tested and the out come wasn't great - and nor was my bank balance afterwards. £180 on one pair of okay glasses. Shocking. However a week and a half later I am still awaiting for them to be made so I can start and see clearly ( now the rain has gone - sorry I did say I get distracted easily). 

My coordination has also gone to pot. I have tried things to improve this. I tried yoga and fell on my face. I tried Poi, and that was going well until I kept whacking myself with them as my sense of balance and coordination just went out the door. Any suggestions would be mostly welcomed at this time. I am due to return to work on Wednesday so I need to get this thing down by then.

Anyway, I am going as my head is going off in a completely random direction and trying to type whilst watching the Simpsons is equally distracting.

Peace Out

(P.S any suggestions on how to improve things would genuinely be appreciated - seriously!)

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