Saturday, 18 May 2013

Our Cat remembers how to 'Cat'!

That is right, our cat, our stupid, slow, Garfield-like cat who spends the majoirty of the day asleep on the sofa looking sorry for her self, and manipulates you into giving her attention by looking and acting pathetic, has remembered how to cat. After weeks of attempting to coax her outside and be a cat, she braved the scary world of 'Garden' and went on a little adventure. She went looking around the trees, then climbed the trees; then climbed the wall; then attempted to get into our neighbors window (which was shut); then got stuck and couldn't get down; then she attempted to go into our neighbours cat flap, but failed. All in all not a bad first attempt at trying to 'Cat'. (Yes the internet has ruined me!)

Les Miserable cat...
...has suddenly become Ginger the Explorer in one day. However is now out for the count on the bed snoring. So adorable.

Anyway, enough cat talk, as cute as she is I must say. I'm off to watch the last in the series of Doctor Who, something for which I have waited all week to watch. Mainly to prove my theories that I have been coming up with throughout the series as to who 'Clara Oswin Oswald' really is. Watch this space...

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